Are You a Victim?

A victim is an individual, family or friend who has suffered or been affected by a crime or tragedy such as: Residential Break-in Sexual Assault Physical Assault Robbery Theft Homicide / Traffic Fatalities / Suicide Child Abuse / Third Party Assault Threats / Harassing Phone Calls / Mischief Domestic Violence “This is one experience that

Victim Reactions

Some people may have trouble understanding their feelings and actions after a crime or tragedy. It is important to remember that these are normal reactions to an abnormal situation. Some of the reactions you may experience are: Fear Anger Sleeplessness Flashbacks / Nightmares Nervousness Guilt What can you do about it? Don’t keep it inside;

About Us

Since 1993, a highly trained group of volunteer victim support workers have been providing support, information and referral to victims of crime and trauma. You are not alone!

A Message from Westlock Community Victim Services Unit Association

The effects of crime and tragedy are all around us.

Many of us have been victims or know of a victim or a family that has suffered the impact of a crime or tragedy. Besides experiencing confusion, fear and anger, victims often have to deal with a number of problems involving emotional and physical injuries, issues with finances and employment and conflicts with family. There may be confusion with the justice system, questions about the investigation and a need to know exactly what is happening.

The Westlock Community Victim Services Unit Association is dedicated to helping victims.